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Sports Massage

Since I can remember I have played sports. My favorite sport is soccer. I played soccer in high school and went on to play soccer at Dixie State in St. George, UT. I probably gave my mom some good kicks while I was in her too. Not only do I love sports, I love being outside hiking camping, hunting…just being active. Naturally from being active, I have been injured a number of times and been unable to play. I was devastated. Luckily early in my life my mom suggested massage therapy and got me an appointment. Within no time I was playing sports again.

There are different types of sports massage. There are pre-event massages to help get your body ready for your event. There are post-event massages that help calm the muscles that just killed themselves for you. And there are maintenance massages. Keep your body in good working shape in between your events. Come “tune-up” your body so it will perform at the top level for you. Do your body a favor and come get a massage.